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In Texas, the penalties for the offense of  burglary of habitation increase from a charge of burglary of an uninhabited building.  Because of the potential long-term punishment that can result from a charge of burglary of habitation, it is extermely important to find burglary attorneys who understand Texas burglary laws and who will work to ensure that your legal rights are protected and you receive the best possible defense.  

Texas Law on Burglary of Habitation

Under Texas law, burglary of a habitation is a second degree felony, but it becomes a first degree felony if:

  1. the premises are a habitation; AND
  2. any party to the offense entered the habitation with the intent to commit a felony OTHER THAN felony theft or committed or attempted to commit a felony other than felony theft.

For example, if two people are involved in the crime, but only one person uses a deadly weapon to shoot a resident of the habitation, then BOTH people can still face the a first degree felony burglary charge.  This is the case even if one of the people did not know the other person was going to use a deadly weapon during the burglary.

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