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Our family violence or domestic violence attorney provides protection for our clients’ rights, lessen penalties and will fight to remove domestic violence charges. If you are in the process of obtaining the services of domestic abuse attorneys, it’s essential to find those knowledgeable about domestic abuse defense, as well as the intricacies of the domestic violence laws. Our domestic violence lawyer possesses a strong understanding of how potential civil consequences might factor in as well.  We will advocate for you and make every attempt to ensure you are fully protected by the law.

Domestic Violence Charges & Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence charges such as domestic abuse apply when someone causes or attempts to cause bodily injury and/or sexual assault against a spouse, a former spouse, a person he or she is dating, a person with whom he or she is living, a person with whom he or she used to live and/or a person with whom he or she had a child. Domestic violence laws involve physical injury or threatening words. Our domestic violence attorneys can explain the law in terms of how a relationship gives rise to domestic violence, even offering a definition of domestic violence itself. "Abuse" is likewise legally defined in broad terms. As a result, a domestic violence defense must consider any actions which can lead to prosecution for domestic violence such as hitting, slapping, punching, among others.

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The domestic violence attorney in our law firm is very knowledgeable about the Texas domestic violence laws. Every question and detail of your domestic abuse situation will be addressed and explained, and that includes all defense options. For a consultation contact us today. We will provide you with a thorough understanding of the domestic violence charges in question and explain possible outcomes. If your case requires alternative sentencing, we’ll provide that as well.  Don't let another minute go by without help from our family violence attorney.

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