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Or felony attorney and support staff are experienced with the various felony classes, including more extreme felony charges such as assault and battery, theft, drug crimes, and even DUI/DWI. What’s even more serious is the fact that a felony conviction remains on a person’s criminal record forever. Our felony defense attorney is well aware of the facts and what’s on the line for our clients. We use different techniques to craft a persuasive felony defense for you.

Felony Charges, Felony Classes & Felony Defense

One of the many differences between felony vs misdemeanor is the severity of the crime. Another is the fact that a conviction from felony charges stays on someone’s record permanently. That is, unless felony expungement is possible. Only experienced and knowledgable felony attorneys know how to pursue this possibility. Depending on the mitigating circumstances, the nature of the crime and the individual’s criminal record, various options for various felony classes can be available. These options for felony defense include negotiating for deferred prosecution, educational or treatment programs for underlying problems (such as drug addiction) and court supervision.

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The felony attorney in our law firm strives to minimize the impact of felony charges on an individual’s life. We will pursue a felony defense that includes sentencing alternatives to benefit you. Call us for a consultation right away. We understand the differences between felony classes and work to get our clients the best possible result for their situation.  A felony criminal defense attorney in our legal office will be able to help you every step of the way, but time is of the essence when it comes to getting a felony charge dismissed.  Contact Central Texas Criminal Law TODAY Online or by phone.

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