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Our misdemeanor attorney possesses a strong knowledge of the Texas misdemeanor laws and knows the subtleties that distinguish misdemeanor vs felony charges. Misdemeanor charges can span in severity, from an instance of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) to jaywalking. While it’s true that misdemeanor crimes are generally less serious than a felony, misdemeanor offenses are not matters to be taken lightly, as the most severe punishment can result in a year of jail time.

Misdemeanor Charges, Crimes & Classes

Although misdemeanor classes differ in terms of severity and possible punishments. most misdemeanor charges are going to appear on a background check. As a result, misdemeanor crimes can have a huge impact on your life. However, it is possible to have a misdemeanor expunged from a person’s criminal record. Our knowledgeable misdemeanor attorney will provide information about misdemeanor laws and punitive measures, while putting together an appropriate defense to make sure your rights are safeguarded and you are able to receive the best possible outcome, according to the law.

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If you or a family member have been arrested for misdemeanor crimes, our misdemeanor attorney is available to assist you. When facing misdemeanor charges, it is critical to retain legal aid immediately. Call us for a consultation right away. Misdemeanor laws have strict rules and time limits. Let us help you. Don’t assume your situation can’t be helped!  A criminal defense attorney in our legal office is eager to provide the assistance you require.  Contact Central Texas Criminal Law TODAY Online or by phone.

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