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Our robbery attorney can help you if you’re dealing with robbery charges. An experienced robbery attorney has the necessary knowledge of robbery laws and complete command of the definition of robbery. It doesn’t matter if you committed a robbery using a gun or another weapon to do it, or if the robbery did not include a weapon (strong-arm robbery), excellent legal guidance is crucial in any situation. We will fight to defend your rights to the full extent of the law.

Robbery Charges & The Definition of Robbery

Robbery charges are determined by the situation in which the robbery occurred. Our robbery attorney understands the robbery laws in Texas. Your legal team will explain the differences between robbery vs burglary and assess your case based on the facts as they apply to your situation. The simple definition of robbery includes taking the personal property of someone else against his or her will. Robbery laws do make the distinction between different types of robbery, so additional charges factor in when force or fear or a weapon have been used. Even if you’ve been charged with robbery, you still have rights. Allow an experienced attorney to protect you and your rights according to the law.

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If robbery charges are being levied against you, a robbery attorney at Central Texas Criminal Law is equipped to develop a powerful defense strategy for you. We understand the robbery laws and how they’re applied. We’ll make sure you understand the definition of robbery and how it applies to your case. We can do whatever’s necessary for your case, from plea agreement negotiations to advocating for you at trial. We’ll ensure your rights are secure. Contact us for consultation as soon as possible.  A Waco robbery attorney in our legal office is available to discuss your case and options.  There is never any cost for the initial consultation.  

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