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Our traffic attorney can support you in dealing with traffic issues by working to have them dismissed or lessening the severity of tickets for non-moving traffic violations. A savvy traffic attorney also can obtain an immediate court date when a license gets suspended, allowing people to continue driving while proceedings are in process while halting the suspension. Experienced traffic ticket attorneys know that excessive points due to speeding or negligence that leads to a reckless driving ticket, for example, are causes for license suspension.

Traffic Violations & Reckless Driving Tickets

Traffic violations quickly turn into something you don’t want to deal with. Some people don’t realize that even a mild traffic offense like a speeding ticket will put points on your driving record. As a traffic attorney will tell you, insurance rates skyrocket—by as much or more than 50%--from "normal" speeding tickets. And when someone gets a reckless driving ticket they could face even stiffer consequences than this. Our knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney can assist you if you’ve received tickets for going more than 100 mph. Besides the points on your DMV record and potential driver’s license suspension, steep fines always accompany these traffic tickets, too. Our traffic violation attorney can potentially help you reduce these punishments or often get your traffic and speeding tickets dismissed completely.

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Our traffic attorney has the knowledge to offer you the best information available. Once you know your situation, you can make informed decisions. Initially, we need to be sure you understand the traffic violations you’re dealing with and what possible recourse is open to you. Even more severe issues like a reckless driving ticket, for example, can be dealt with. Contact us for a consultation as soon as possible. The Court may impose additional fines against you if you or your attorney do not timely respond to your ticket.  Hiring a traffic ticket attorney immediately will allow you to avoid the hassle and time involved in dealing with traffic tickets since your attorney will appear on your behalf. The traffic ticket attorney in our employ has vast experience handling citations throughout the many jurisdictions in Central Texas. We have seen all traffic situations and regardless of how serious you think your case is, we’ll find options for you.  

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