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Our drug attorney investigates drug possession charges faced by a client to find evidentiary support to craft a solid defense in support of your civil liberties. Our experienced drug defense attorney is knowledgeable about the Texas controlled substance and drug laws and advocates in support of our clients when dealing with judges and prosecutors. If convictions for drug crimes are unavoidable, our experienced counsel will endeavor to obtain lighter sentencing for clients.

Possession of a Controlled Substance, Drug Possession Charges & Drug Trafficking Laws

Drug possession or possession of controlled substance, focus on the specific substances. Drug laws are written to treat different ones differently. Nevertheless, a possession conviction, whether for marijuana or cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines or a different controlled substance might severely influence your life. Drug crimes often have a negative impact on employment opportunities and, as our drug attorney will inform you, convictions could lead to loss of property, like your car or house. It’s also important to consider that drug trafficking laws, which apply to the interchange of drugs and includes equipment and components for creation and production, come with harsh penalties too.

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