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Our sexual assault attorney responds with careful consideration of the facts for clients charged with sexual assault. We realize the embarassment this can cause just from an accusation.  Don't let the people of Waco judge you simply because an accusation of sexual assault was made.  We will help protect your reputation from the very beginning and we will fight for your right to be shown as completely innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Experienced sex crimes attorneys know that any explanations of actions can be used against them in criminal proceedings. Felony sexual assault charges are taken very seriously by district attorneys. Even if a sexual assault arrest came after sex that was consensual, if someone later calls it rape, it could become very serious. Our attorney will advocate for your rights, making sure you receive full protection according to the law.

Sex Crimes Law & Being Charged With Sexual Assault

Sexual assault law involves a range of sex crimes. People can be charged with sexual assault for different things, including child molestation or statutory rape. But whether it is a date rape claim or a felony sexual assault accusation, the consequences are serious. Our sexual assault attorney will explain that this includes jail, prison, fines, restitution and strict "sex offender probation." It also might include lifetime supervision with severe restrictions on employment, residence, and lifestyle. Our sex crimes attorney also knows that sexual assault charges also bring notable social stigma, embarrassment and humiliation. Your reputation is worth fighting for.

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The sexual assault attorney at our law firm knows the right steps to take to help clients charged with sexual assault. Our sex crimes attorney will try every avenue possible to get charges dismissed, negotiate a plea to a lesser charge, and prepare for the possibility of a jury trial. Call us for a consultation right away. Felony sexual assault is a serious matter. We can help you.

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